Sunday, May 13, 2007

SHOPFRONT : NEW TITLES, May 12th, 2007

THE AVALANCHE : aka New Australian Poetry
[Melbourne/Victorian writers indicated by *]

Eighty Great Poems : From Chaucer to Now, ed Geoff Page (UNSW Press),'06; $34-95
Groundwork, ed Brian Edwards [A collection of writings from members & associates of Deakin Literary Society, inclu Connie Barber, Carol Bradburn, Justin Clemens, Ross Gillett, Anthony Lynch, David McCooey,Alan Murphy, AG Paradissis, Rhonda Poholke, Ted Reilly, Maria Tokalander, Marguerite Varday & many others]; (Deakin Literary Soc.).'06; $29-95
Jennifer Allen, The Cut Worm (Precious Press),'06; $15-95 *
Suzanne Edgar, The Painted Lady (Indigo / Ginninderra Press),'06; $22-95
Sue Stanford,Opal (Flat Chat Press),'06; $20 *
Greg Murphy, The Emperor Sonata : Byzantium Revisited (Interactive Press), '07; $24-95
John Egan, Not the Rain, The Wind (Poets Union), '07; $7-50
Jordie Albiston
, Vertigo : A Cantata (John Leonard Press),'07; $23-95*
Louise Crisp, Uplands (Five Islands Press),'07; $21-95*
Julian Croft, Ocean Island (John Leonard Press),'06; $23-95
Brian Edwards, The Escape Sonnets (Papyrus Press),'06; $19-80*
Basil Eliades, 3rd "i" (Interactive Publications),'06; $24-95
Warwick McFadyen, The Life & Times of Mr Agio (Half Moon Press),'06; $15*
Peter Gebhardt, Another Place (Helicon Press),'06; $24-95*
Denis Haskell, All The Time in The World (Salt),'06; $33-95
Dominique Hecq, Couchgrass (Papyrus Press), '06; $18-70*
Anita Heiss, I'm Not a Racist, But... (Salt), '07; $27-95
Paul Hetherington, It Feels Like Disbelief (Salt),'07; $24-95
Barry Hill, The War Sonnets (Picaro Press), '06; $6*
Judy Johnson, Jack (Pandanus Poetry),'06; $24-95
Aileen Kelly, The Passion Paintings : Poems 1983-2006 (John Leonard Press), '06; $24-95*
Peter Fitzpatrick, Westering (Puncher & Wattman),'06; $24
Dorothy Porter, El Dorado (Picador),'07; $32-95*
Kerry Scuffins, Litmus (Five Islands Press), '06; $18-95*
Tom Shapcott, The City of Empty Rooms (Salt), '06; $34-95*
Michael Sharkey, The Sweeping Plain (Five Islands Press), '07; $21-95
Nicolette Stasko, Glass Cathedrals : New & Selected Poems (Salt), '06; $39-95
Tim Thorne, A Letter to Egon Kisch (Cornford Press), '07; $19-95
Dimitris Tsaloumas, Helen of Troy & Other Poems (UQP),'07; $23-95*
John Watson, Montale : A Biographical Anthology (Puncher & Wattman),'06; $24-95
Amanda Wilson, Cities of Liquid Night (Papyrus Press), '06; $19-80*
Petra White, The Incoming Tide (John Leonard Press), '07; $23-95*
Eddie Burger, Funny & Strange (Poets Union), '07; $7-50*
Charles D'Anastasi, The Unreliable Harbour (Poets Union), '07; $7-50*

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