Sunday, May 20, 2007

LINKS, 2nd Posting

Bob & Susan Arnold (Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers, 1604 River Road, Guilford, Vermont 05301,USA) have continued the late Cid Corman's magnificent ORIGIN project as an on-line literary magazine. They're working towards publishing 4 large issues this year. Origin 6th Series #1, saw light of day March 12th,'07; 6th Series #2, April 15th,'07; 6th Series #3, NOW published; 6th Series #4 is due out in June. The address for the magazine is and the address for the bookstore & etc is

Sue Bursztynski is the sci-fi & fantasy buff who put us onto the Andromeda Spaceways pulp couple of years ago and whose enthusiastic conversation about Tolkien & Co, not to mention the classics of horror & detection, maintains the pulse in that section of the Shop. Her own site is at