Tuesday, November 25, 2014


[From Stuart Pearce, Melbourne]

Hi Kris

I only just got this. I’m extremely upset. I only communicated with him a few weeks ago. To think that was the last…
Please remember to add me to your list of events at the bookshop.
Keep in touch



[From: Jay Livernois [mailto:jaylivernois@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, 20 November 2014 3:32 AM

Dear Friends,

I just learned from The Overlook Hospice that Charles Boer died last night in his apartment in Southbridge, Massachusetts, peacefully, at about 10pm. April (his caregiver) was with him, he had his supper, was just getting ready for bed, went unconscious, and passed. He lived much longer than the 3 months he was originally told that he had and got to see the Red Sox go from last (2012) to first (won World Series 2013) to last (2014), have another season eating his beloved Morse Farm corn, finally got to see all the episodes of The Sopranos (whom he called the personification of Bronze Age Man and ethics), and enjoyed another year or so of seasons when he thought he wasn't going to have any. I know that I am not the only one to greatly miss his genius, friendship, wit, humor, and generosity.
I plan on having a funeral service, burial, and a noon-time memorial meal for him in Southbridge on a Saturday in the near future. It will be private, so if you would like to attend, please email me.

Yours sadly,



[From Kris Hemensley, email]

Dear Stuart, Just looking at my emails and find your sad news... Deep condolences to you... Shocking despite the length of Charles Boer's illness, especially to the intimates of whom you are one...

I had the barest connection as you know --I read him of course and we exchanged letters in '72 --but since our own serendipitous meeting at the bookshop & much talking with you this last year or so I've felt closer. Charles Boer for me was a part of the Olson family; family for all of its divergences. Which is another way of saying he was a contributor to that most fantastic 20th/21st Century scholarship & imagination channeled through a very particular Anglo-American poetry in which the classics appeared as contemporary as anything of the present day. I especially liked the suggestivity & adjacency of the Olson/Black Mountain and Jung/Hillman/Eranos/Spring projects.

All best wishes, and through you to Charles Boer's family & friends. Chin up & cheers,

Kris Hemensley

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