Monday, June 14, 2010


On Wednesday, 16th June, around midday and until 2, please join us at Collected Works Bookshop, for our annual Bloomsday celebration.
For anyone who hasnt attended before, we simply read from the book, James Joyce's Ulysses, in turn, around the room. We are mostly enthusiasts & readers of Joyce. No special license required!
After Kris Hemensley's introductory remarks, the actor James Howard will offer a little drama to begin proceedings.
There will be nibbles & tipples.
Everyone is welcome.

VENUE : Collected Works Bookshop, level 1, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
INFORMATION : tel. 03-9654-8873


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris, I did intend to come to the Bloomsday event, but sore right hip prevented me from walking the stairs. Are you aware that I've not been on Facebook for about three weeks now ~ deactivated my account. Anyway, I don't have your email address to stay in contact. Will you email me with it. Cheers, Julie Clarke

collectedworks said...

hi julie, dont have (more like cannot access)your email. Mine shd be all over this blog! The Shop email as good as any :
Sorry you cdnt make it up the Nicholas stairs. There are lifts btw. Bloomsday attendance nothing like in the 'good old days'! But very good fun. Hope this finds you in good form,
best, Kris

Anonymous said...

Great to see the fabulous Vali Myers included in the blog Kris. She's always been an amazing visual feast of a woman- a bohemian gypsy as well as being a wonderfully original artist and sometime writer. She would have loved what's happening in fashion trends at present 'Gypset' clothing style is about to be launched by some of the world's most influential clothes designers -
Melbourne streets have lost a spirited colour since she's passed.
The article and photo were wonderful - she's not been forgotten
kind regards Valli Poole