Thursday, September 4, 2008


Much recommended is David Caddy's voluminous "So Here We Are" commentaries on contemporary English poets & poetry. Recent portraits include John Riley, Jeremy Prynne, Andrew Crozier.
David Lumsden's "Sparks from stones" is a credit to his close & ever sprightly reading of poetry. Recent posts concern the 'burnt bird' image in Neruda & Z. Herbert, review of the younger critic & poet Adam Kirsch, and reviews of new English poets including Simon Turner, Jane Holland. Resembles David Caddy in his wide range of reference & connection.
Alan Baker's "Litterbug" is his editor's blog at the exemplary English small press, Leafe. His recent postings discuss Lee Harwood (via Kevin Corcoran's interviews), J H Prynne, recent Shearsman Books titles including Mal Goodwin & John Welch. Also on site is "Litter Magazine" which has been accumulating regularly since January,'05; current contributors include John Welch, Todd Swift, Andrea Brady, Peter Riley, Rupert Loydell & John Bloomberg-Rissman.
Out of the blue is David Wheatley's weird & wonderful blog,
--just received from our recent visitor, this year's recipient of the Vincent Buckley Prize, awarded in alternate years to Australian & Irish poets in honour of the late Melbourne poet & critic.
I havent been keeping the Links up to date because of (1) distractions & (2) I forgot how to do it! Hopefully I'll remember from now on! Readers are invited to kindly prompt me on glaring omissions. Thank you.

-Kris Hemensley; September 4th, 2008


Alan Baker said...

Hi Kris

Thanks for the mention. I've been meaning to get in touch (as ever). Hope things are well at Collected Works. cheers Alan

collectedworks said...

Dear Alan, Good to hear from you albeit a petal in the chasm! Yes, things are well at Collected Works, which is not to say that we dont walk on the proverbial knife's edge re- dollars & cents.As you'll glean from a recent posting on the blog we've hosted regular launchings/readings at the shop for several months; another function this Friday evening, several poets supporting a reading c/o Association for the Study of Literature & Environment, whose prime mover is Kate Rigby based at Monash Uni. On the personal front, I'm working on a piece about Melbourne for Heat magazine (Sydney), but i'm not sure it's going to get much further than the street & the local station! On which note, must hurry now to the train & etc! All the best, Kris