Sunday, August 26, 2007


Goldy Hermitage
Weymouth, UK
5 th January,2005
Dear Kris, Here's some of the latest. Little poems written in the last 12 months or so...


tearing down the road
at break-neck speed
a blackbird

must be getting old
even in a dream
couldn't stiffen
for the girl

starlings gathered
on the railway sidings
dried grass seeds

weathered garden shed
looks so right
no need to paint anew

sitting zazen
mouth waters at
thought of smoked tofu

[The Bernard Hemensley Archive will gather poems & other writings scattered through the past few decades. Not sure whether to refer to the demise of B.H.'s little press, Stingy Artist, or merely its long hibernation, but whilst his press was active in England (from Alverstoke, Hampshire in the late 70s, Weymouth,Dorset in the 80s) there was every hope he'd make his own work available in the small editions he favoured. This archive intends to gradually reverse the hiatus.]

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vegan tenzo said...

Stingy Artist Editions HAS resurfaced as of June 2010. Catalogue, ephemera. calligraphies and little handmade books available and ongoing. Plus huge poetry personal library items always available to offers. Books come in/ books go out. If i go out can't take it with me. Everything flowing and changing. This is not a bizniss ! (Bernard Hemensley)