Sunday, April 29, 2007


Denise Enck's EMPTY MIRROR BOOKS is a great resource of Beat literature& news,Beat author profiles & apposite sites.
Empty Mirror is related to
The site's critical style combines enthusiasm & scholarship (see contributions by Eric Lehman, Eric Patterson). Recent features also include interview with Carolyn Cassady, the Ted Joans tribute, A D Winans on Bob Kaufman & Jack Micheline. Fascinating links to fraternal sites, e.g, Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek which includes other luminaries such as poet Joanne Kyger & writer-commentator-activist Rebecca Solnit.
Kevin Ring performs a similar labour of love in England. (like his magazine, BEAT SCENE) is an exciting,hugely informative Beats & co site with its relevant English take on the well-known identities as well informing us of the British end of the phenomenon.
John Tranter's JACKET needs little introduction in Australia as the major literary magazine of the new poetries in English taking their lead from the great Modernist adventures of early to mid 20C Anglo-American poetry, continuing in their Post-Modernist phase. A mind-boggling line-up of poets is permanently maintained in huge issue upon issue since 1997. See
Coral Hull's THYLAZINE FOUNDATION : ARTS, ETHICS, & LITERATURE is a magazine & noticeboard representing its title's mission. Thylazine maintains a register of Australian poets featuring photo, biog & biblio. See

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